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Our scripts are written
with style and grace

When we start a project we go at it with passion and enthusiasm, nurturing and developing the ideas until a product we can be proud of is completed.

Our productions
capture imaginations

We all know it starts with a good script but equally a project needs to be seen through with good production.

Our post-production
adds that little extra

Whether it be editing, sound or special effects, no project can truly reach its potencial without it all being pulled together and the finishing touches added.

The finished product

To be enjoyed by all, including us, we wouldn't do it if we didn't love it.

We love our industry

All we want to do is tell stories through visual and auditory
mediums to a wide and varied audience.

  • Film

    When we watch a film we want to be inspired, and a good film should peak our curiosity. Not only do we want to be entertained, encapsulated, and engrossed by what we are seeing but we also want to go away from the experience having been moved in some way and left thinking about it. These are the films we strive to make.

  • TV

    We know the term “Television” no longer refers to shows on the square screen in the corner, it now denotes to many services on a range of devices. This widening of accessibility and range of choice has created an opportunity for the viewer to watch what they want when they want, and helps us find our audience.

  • Radio

    There is more to radio than just music, there is the banter from the DJ’s as well as debates and radio fiction and non-fiction. We believe there is a place for all this content and that it still provides excellent entertainment even in this age of smart tech.

  • Equipment

    We know that quality doesn't stop with technique, you also need the right tools for the job, that is why we use only the best professional equipment availible, from cameras and microphones to tracks, jibs and steadicams. We use only the best for reliability and the highest quality.

  • Creative People

    We love working with people who complement each other’s abilities. People that have drive and passion, that push each other forward whilst staying true to the projects at hand. Each project requires many roles to be filled and we fill them with talented people who embrace each other’s ideas.

  • Funding and Support

    From investments and grants to crowdfunding, obtaining enough money to produce quality entertainment is always tough, however we believe in our productions and explore every avenue to get our much loved productions made. Your support helps us immeasurably so please make sure you follow us on social media.

We are proud to be

Horrific Squid Productions

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